Timber Fencing

Newcastle’s Timber Fencing Specialists


Timber fencing is a traditional fencing solution that consists of a series of vertical stakes and horizontal rails. There are a wide range of different designs of timber fencing and many different types of wood are used. Timber fencing lasts decades if properly maintained.

Timber fencing styles include traditional picket fences and contemporary paling fences. Whatever your home and garden design, there will be a timber fencing style that complements it perfectly.

Timber is an excellent choice if you are looking for versatility, resilience and affordability. And our team of expert installers will use their skills to build your timber fence to suit your local needs. This classic style of fencing weathers naturally and is ideal for reducing road noise. There are many variations to suit your home from standard paling fences to lapped fencing with capping, exposed posts or boxed lattice extensions. Natural timber fencing is remarkably resilient even under the most harsh conditions.

For a natural-looking garden that conjures a sense of peace and tranquillity, it’s hard to look past a timber fence.

At Multifencing we take pride in delivering outstanding workmanship and in choosing only premium-grade treated pine. If you are seeking a hardwood fence please give us a call to discuss options and pricing.

Why choose timber fencing?


An expertly-installed timber fence will enhance all types and styles of homes, from classic through to modern designs. Timber is a versatile choice which works with virtually any style of home. Talk to us today about how we can build a fence to enhance your unique project from basic paling fencing to stylish lattice designs.


Solid timber fences bring you the peace of mind that your privacy is always in check. As they can be built up to 2.4 metres high, many people prefer this fencing style to reinforce their home or even their business security.

Acoustic Properties

We understand the requirements for finding acoustic fencing solutions, especially for commercial projects that impact residential properties. Timber provides an excellent choice where reducing noise is the aim. We cover a range of acoustic fencing solutions from timber lap and cap through to modular wall systems.


We use sustainably grown plantation timber which has been produced to minimise the carbon footprint. Our timber is sourced from suppliers who stock and sell plantation timbers preserving our native hardwood forests.

Gardens and Backyards

Timber provides exceptional thermal profiles for gardens and outstanding windbreaks for exposed areas. Unlike other types of fence, timber is an excellent heat reflector.

Be Aware

There are four grades of treated pine. You may have seen a timber fence that has palings that are twisting, splitting or moving out of shape this is likely because it has been installed using substandard timber. At multifencing we will only use premium-grade materials so that you get a result which will last for years to come.


How long does timber fencing last?

Timber fencing offers longevity as it can last for more than twenty years if installed on galvanised steel posts.

How do you protect a timber fence from the natural elements?

We recommend coating your timber fence with a protective varnish or stain. Stains or varnish will soak into the wood, filling up the wood’s pores, and prevent water from getting in and causing rot.

What is the best timber to use for fencing?

Treated pine is one of the best timbers for residential fencing, as it’s incredibly durable and versatile to work with. Pine is used extensively in the building industry in a range of outdoor construction.

Why do you need space between the timber slats and the ground?

When wood touches the ground, it absorbs moisture, which can lead to swelling or rot. Leaving a space between the timber slats and the ground prevents moisture absorption from occurring, giving your fence more durability.

Are timber fences hard to maintain?

Due to the nature of wood, maintaining this type of fence can be more time-consuming than maintaining other types of fences. While it does take some work to maintain its look and quality, a timber fence is always a popular choice if your main concern is aesthetics.