Pool Fencing

We offer all types of pool fencing including steel and glass pool fences. Whatever your style and colour needs we can create a pool fence that will look fantastic as well as meeting NSW safety requirements.

Glass Pool Fencing

Gorgeous frame-less glass, the perfect solution to fencing your property with zero view interruptions.

We also consider glass fencing safer for pool areas, rather than traditional tubular pool fencing, something to consider if you have young children.

We use 100% certified safety glass panels purchased from local businesses.

A glass fence around a well appointed pool is beautiful, functional and versatile. They are specified by architects, designers and developers because a glass fence lets in the light, promises clear vision and is very easy to clean.

We use a glass that is designed for glass balustrading and pool fencing. It will protect against corrosion and etching from contaminants including sea salt, salt and chlorinated water, bird droppings, other elements and pollution.

A stylish and contemporary glass pool fence offers a great impression and will add real value to your property when it is time for sale.

Pool Safety Inspection Checklist for Your Pool Fence

  • Pool fence should be at least 1200mm high (from the ground level).
  • The gap from the bottom of the fence to the ground is no more than 100mm.
  • If a boundary fence is part of the pool fence, the barrier should be 1800mm high from the pool area.
  • The gap between the vertical bars in the fence should not exceed 100mm.
  • The gap between the horizontal bars should be at least 900mm apart.
  • The holes in the barrier (if mesh fencing is used) should be 13mm or less.
  • The pool fence should be well maintained and in good working condition (no holes, rust or broken parts).

Why Choose Multifencing for Pool Fencing

Exceptional Quality: We offer pool fencing with the highest quality work, while at all times maintaining high standards of professionalism and compliance with Australian laws and standards.

No.1 in Safety: Our company’s philosophy is that all injuries can be prevented by ensuring everyone works safely, is fully trained in safety, uses the best personal protective equipment and are fully insured. 

Free Quote: Fill out our online form for a free quote or contact us for an obligation free site inspection. 

Fully Compliant with Australian Standards: Whatever your style and colour needs we can create a pool fence that will look fantastic as well as meeting NSW safety requirements.

Outstanding Customer Service: We are a family-owned Newcastle fencing specialist throughout the greater Newcastle and Hunter region.

Seamless Glass Fencing and Balustrading: We use a glass that is designed for glass balustrading and pool fencing. It will protect against corrosion and etching from contaminants

Aluminium and Steel Pool Fencing

Our aluminium and steel fencing comes in a range of colour and design options. In contrast to glass fencing options that look great, steel fencing doesn’t restrict breezes or easily show marks from every splash.

We can also manufacture custom parts if you have tricky terrain, stairs or odd outdoor spaces, so as not to limit your available outdoor area.

Our steel and aluminium fencing can be treated with a special coating to prevent the build-up of corrosion ensuring a longer lifespan, which is especially important here in Newcastle along the coast.


Are glass pool fences hard to maintain?

Glass pool fences are easy to clean and maintain.You only need some dishwashing liquid, lukewarm water and a sponge. 

How often do I need to clean a glass pool fence?

If you put off cleaning your glass pool fence for too long you are likely to end up with stubborn marks that would be more difficult to clean.  We recommend cleaning your glass pool fence every 2 – 3 months, perhaps more in the summer months when the pool is used more and splashes and dirt marks will occur more frequently. 

If I live near the coast do I need to clean my pool fence more often?

Yes – living close to the ocean will cause more salt build-up on your fencing. It is especially important to keep your stainless steel parts clean to avoid discolouring and corrosion.

Can I have a swimming pool in my front yard?

There is no regulation that prohibits you from having a swimming pool in your front yard, but consider the implications of pool fencing regulations (stated above) and how this will affect the space available. 

How safe are the gates on your pool fences?

Our gates exceed the Australian Standard. Latches are positioned in such a way that it is very difficult for young children to gain entry to the pool area without assistance.

Can I customise my pool fence? 

Yes! We just need your measurements and can provide a quote for your own personal design. If you want a custom laser cut screen made to suit your specific style we can help with that too.

If you require an odd sized or shaped fence, or just want to replace an existing fence installation, be assured that Multifencing can assist.

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NSW Pool Regulations & Safety

If you are looking to sell or lease your property. it is particularly important to get your pool in order. From 29 April 2016, all properties in NSW with a swimming pool or spa pool must have a valid compliance certificate before the property can be sold or leased.

The NSW Office of Local Government estimates 95% of pools fail at the first inspection. It can take up to 90 days before a council can issue a certificate of compliance meaning if you don’t get your pool compliant well in advance you could lose time and money.

For more information on NSW POOL LAWS click here